How to Access YoMax Home Theatre

Step One

Create a Plex account through There are also options to sign up using your Google or Facebook account.

FYI: You don't need to buy a Plex Pass.

Step Two

Send me your Plex username or email address via Discord (Inpacchi#2543) or email ([email protected])

Step Three

Once I receive your username/email, I'll send you an invitation to the YoMax Home Theatre. Make sure you check your email and accept it.

Step Four

Once accepted, you're all set! You can access YoMax by heading to the homepage or by going directly to YoMax. You can also use your AppleTV, Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, PS4, mobile phone, and whatever other device supports Plex that I forgot.

Feel free to make requests for new content through YoMax Requests.